Case Studies

Our mission is to educate to others the value of energy-efficient homes. Smart design, attention to detail, and collaboration amongst project team members can go a long way, resulting in a home that exudes comfort, health, resilience, and environmental and fiscal sustainability. We have had the pleasure of working with home owners and builders who have gone beyond the requirements of the energy code to create high performance homes to be proud of. Learn more about some of these homes within the case studies below. 

Modern Homestead
Vetting Wolf Residence

Matt and Tracee Vetting-Wolf made the move back to Minnesota after living in New York for 16 years. Their dream was to build a net-zero passive house, with inspiration from rural homes in Sweden and Denmark. The house was completed in September of 2018.

Read the case study here.

You can read more about their journey in building their dream home on their own personal blog here

Mayo Woodlands Modern
Leung-Patel Residence

Seated in a neighborhood full of unique homes, this Mayo Woodlands home boasts more than its sleek, modern design. Through strategic design and collaboration between building professionals, this home achieved impressive energy savings along with many other goals laid out by the home owners, Lydia and Mayur.

Read the case study here.

Air-Tight Home
Jeffery Residence

After remodeling a number of homes throughout the years, Kent Jeffery always had the dream of building his own home from scratch. He chose a piece of land in the cozy town of Wabasha. This home is the most air-tight home we have tested to date, receiving an astounding blower door test result of 0.32 air changes per hour (at 50 pascals). 

Read the case study here.

Near Net Zero Energy Renovation
Idso Residence

Located in the heart of Rochester, this home boasts near net-zero energy use. Ivan and Mary Idso renovated a home built in 1890, turning an inefficient older house into one that leaves a much lighter carbon footprint. The home now contains a double-studded wall to allow for continuous insulation, among many other features that make it extremely energy-efficient. 

Read the case study here

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