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XRG Concepts prides itself in providing home owners with the overlooked yet arguably most important home improvement services. Home energy rating and personalized consulting will save you money over the lifetime of your home through our exceptional knowledge of the residential building industry — Turning any home into an energy and cost efficient structure.

Home Energy Ratings

XRG Concepts works to exceed your expectations. In addition to receiving an energy score, we are able to provide design assistance, HVAC sizing calculations, and/or construction crew training.

Skilled and effective.

Green Home

Green Building Certification

Priding ourselves in thorough and skilled verification assesments, we take a detail-oriented approach to delivering Energy Star, LEED, Zero Energy Ready, and Green Path Certification to homes.

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I am grateful that Brandon from XRG Concepts contacted me to test my homes. Since working with Brandon, I have been able to drop my HERS ratings, increase the efficiency of my homes, and boost my sales.
Todd Eidem
Todd Eidem Construction
I hired XRG to do the HERS ratings on our homes. What I didn’t know I was getting was another set of eyes looking at how we were building our homes. Brandon Vagt and his crew have been instrumental in how much more efficient our homes have become. He is very knowledgeable in energy efficiency and has helped me achieve a much tighter home, truly benefiting our customers! Our HERS ratings have gone down and blower door tests are improving constantly! Thank you XRG for your watchful eye and professionalism on my job sites!
Jean DeWitz
DeWitz Home Builders, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of working with XRG Concepts since 2011. Their knowledge on energy efficiency and the process to improve the insulation quality has helped my houses perform at a very high level. They are organized, knowledgeable, professional, and great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to improve the performance of their house.
Jon Range
Range Construction
XRG has been integral in meeting Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota’s housing health and energy efficiency goals. They provide knowledgeable input from design through construction to final testing, they are responsive to shifts in project details, and they work cohesively with the several managers, supervisors and subcontractors found across the many Habitat job sites.
Molly Berg
Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota
XRG Concepts staff were critical to helping us understand how to meet our energy goals. Prior to having them on board we felt like our goals were more of a wish and a hope. XRG Concepts helped us by offering an expert eye on energy details during construction, measuring air infiltration, assessing energy burden and providing us with the documentation that will serve as the foundation of our home performance measurements going forward. The build process was not an easy one and XRG’s professional assistance was a steadying force for us.
Matt and Tracee Vetting-Wolf
Rochester, MN

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