Providing Professional Energy Services to Rochester, MN
and the Surrounding Area Since 2007

About Our Company

XRG Concepts, LLC provides energy ratings, energy auditing, and consulting services for the residential and commercial building industry.  XRG Concepts, LLC associates work with builders, designers, architects, tradesmen, utilities, city inspectors, and building owners to provide the most cost-effective solutions to reduce operating costs, increase quality and durability, and improve building occupants’ safety, comfort, and health.

XRG Concepts was founded to fulfill a need for a residential energy analysis and testing company in Southern MN.  Since 2007, XRG Concepts has grown to provide services that meet the demands and push the limits of the fast-changing building industry.  With increased awareness of the importance of sustainable building and a passion and enthusiasm for building science in the residential building sector, XRG Concepts wants to do all it can to help improve construction practices.  XRG Concepts is here to provide Southern MN, Northern IA, and Western WI with a recognizable name for all forms of sustainable building-related services and has been a success – as measured by the number of homes being influenced through auditing and energy rating.

Our Services

Personalized Consulting

Personalized consulting will save you money over the lifetime of your home through our exceptional knowledge of the residential building industry — Turning any home into an energy and cost-efficient structure.

Home Energy Ratings

Priding ourselves in thorough and skilled verification assessments, we take a detail-oriented approach to delivering Energy Star, LEED, and Zero Energy Ready to homes throughout the region.

Green Building Certification

XRG Concepts works to exceed your expectations. In addition to receiving an energy score, we are able to provide design assistance, HVAC sizing calculations, and/or construction crew training.

XRG Concepts prides itself in providing homeowners with the overlooked yet arguably most important home improvement services.

Our Team

Brandon Vagt


Brandon Vagt is a RESNET certified HERS Rater, MN Residential Energy Auditor, holds the LEED AP Homes designation and is a LEED for Homes Green Rater. Brandon has experience in commercial and multifamily residential construction management with a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin – Stout (2005). Brandon began as a RESNET certified Field Inspector in April of 2010 and became a partner of XRG Concepts in January of 2011. Brandon acts in an operations/business development role for XRG Concepts in addition to consulting and field verification/testing.

Nate Garmers

HERS Modeler

Nate Garmers is a HERS Modeler at XRG Concepts. Nate graduated from Dakota County Technical College as an honor student in May of 2017 with an A.A.S. degree in Architectural Technology. Since starting at XRG Concepts in April of 2016 Nate has been drawing 3D models of new construction homes using SketchUp, analyzing and processing data obtained in new home testing and inspections performed by XRG Concepts’ certified HERS Raters as well as performing code compliance blower door tests for new construction homes.